12bfree.com uses OpenSource technologies to run its sites.

What is 12bfree.com?

12bfree.com is an independent non-commercial melange of different services.
It is exclusively based on open source software and openly propagates it's perks over the commercial closed-source approach.

It also functions as a portal for the following websites:

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Privacy and data protection

We believe in an an independent web, unbound by the interests of investors or large corporations.
The web should be a place where you can find things you are truly interested in. Content should not be filtered, collected or processed in any way.

Accordingly, 12bfree.com and its associated sites do not actively collect any data from you.
If any personal data is necessary to facilitate 12bfree.com's services, it is being stored safely in accordance with state-of-the-art security precautions.

What kind of data must be stored?
There do exist technical reasons for storing data. Whenever you create an account to use one of our services you must provide a valid email address.

What other data can be stored?
If you decide to edit your user profile, that information will be saved.
None of this will ever be processed or sold on to third parties, though.

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