The Power of Democracy

Roger de Weck
Die Kraft der Demokratie - Eine Antwort auf die autoritären Reaktionäre

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Liberal democracy makes unfree, the greens set wood fires, feminists are totalitarian, the rich are being discriminated – that is the perverted world of right propaganda. While we are having fiery discussions about such examples of distorted truth, the market economy has become a system of sheer power in its own right: Big Data and Big Money have turned democratic order upside-down.
An undemocratic economic system governs our countries.

Democracy is being oppressed by authoritarian forces. But why do Liberals and Leftists remain so passive? Will the Conservatives tilt to the right? The weakness of the Democrats is much more hazdardous than the clamor of the Reactionaries, says Roger de Weck. His book explains the Rights' methodology and their flawed arguments. Whoever's willing can very well stall their cultural campaign against liberality.

In order to make sure that such old-school forces won't hijack our future, Democrats must put some work into their vision of tomorrow's Democracy. Democracy needs to be able to act. This is the only way we can respond to the challenges of the authoritarian forces, together with the aspiring Generation Greta. According to best-selling author de Weck Nature must be an active participant of Democracy.
His book provides both conspectus and confidence.

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