My Darkness

It is like everyone wants me to fit in their lane.

I'm so sick of these mindgames we have to play.

I only feel anger and sadness pumping through my veins.

It's such a shame - I'm paralysed by all this pain.

I don't know what I hope to gain from all this blame I put myself through every single day.

It's like a shade

that follows me around that makes me want to cry all night and tells me I'm not worth the fight.

So many demons surround the light.

I struggle to keep sight of who I really am and to keep my feet on the ground.

I lie when I say I'm okay and that nothing is wrong.

I tell myself I have to be strong.

But honestly, my fate starts to fade and my endurance is long gone.

I just don't want to say it out loud and confess that I'm afraid.

Afraid of the demons I create.

Afraid of the darkness I have made.

(c) Romana Stadlober (Kufstein, Austria)

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