Truth is,

I always wanted to believe

there is someone in this world,

I could feel endless freedom and relief.

Helping me to break free from all these chains.

And finally,

not a single doubt in destiny remains.

I always wanted to believe

my fantasy one day will become reality.

And out of nowhere I suddenly believe

we both are built for eternity.

Truth is,

your eyes are reflecting everything that’s on my mind,

what’s in my heart’s core,

my deepest thoughts, wishes and dreams.

An entire world I can’t resist no more.

A world that clearly seems

so adventurous and warm,

reflecting everything I have been looking for.

Truth is,

I always hid myself away.

But your eyes are like the perfect x-ray.

We share such a strong and deep connection,

setting free this huge affection.

You mystify me in every way

and I have to admit

I pray for you to stay safe every single day.

I want these moments with you to last.

When we laugh and have a blast

I forget all the pain from my past.

In your eyes, i see the spark.

And every smile of you,

in my heart, it leaves a mark.

Truth is,

I yearn for your touch.

Because every time your skin meets mine,

it is like the sun starts to shine.

When I’m in your arms it feels like I’m home

and I don’t have to fight my battles on my own.

It is like I can feel a summer breeze

and my heart skips a beat

and finally I feel complete.

When I’m around you,

I really feel at ease.

And every body-cell in me

knows suddenly

you’re my perfect puzzle piece.

They say if it’s meant to be it will be

but from the bottom of my heart I believe

you’re the perfect fit for me.

Because when I’m with you,

I like myself a lot better

and all my problems don’t seem to matter.

There’s no place I’d rather be.

Truth is,

every time I see your face,

I feel my heart begins to race.

But at the same time

I feel this calmness deep down inside.

And every time you hold me tight,

I feel sparks of love ignite.

It feels like two souls begin to reunite.

And when you kiss me it is like

both of our worlds collide,

creating a light, that is so bright,

that all the darkness steps aside.

Truth is,

I’ve never thought I could fall in love so easily but

you set me free from gravity.

I've never thought I could make myself believe

you are my serendipity.

(c) Romana Stadlober (Kufstein, Austria)

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